R v D (Chester Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against conviction case. Client previously represented himself and had been found guilty of failing to give driver details.. Conviction overturned on appeal.


R v A (Uxbridge Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. Client accused of driving at 113 mph in his Ferrari California. Case defended on the basis that proceedings were not instituted properly by Metropolitan Police using a Single Justice Procedure Notice. Representations made to the Crown Prosecution Service London Traffic Unit - who discontinued proceedings prior to trial.


R v P (Burnley Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this failing to give driver details case. Case defended to trial in front of a District Judge. Not guilty verdict.


R v G (Bath Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. Client accused of driving at "a constant speed of 130 mph over a distance of approximately a mile." Basis of plea agreed and accepted by the court. Licence endorsed with 6 penalty points.  No disqualification as 'exceptional hardship' was proven.


R v M (Banbury Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. Client had 6 existing penalty points. Offence charged fell within the highest sentencing bracket in the guidelines - usually a ban or 6 penalty points. Client not able to argue 'exceptional hardship.'  Court persuaded to impose 5 penalty points. Client avoids 'totting up' disqualification of at least 6 months.


R v J (Nottingham Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against sentence case. In the lower court, the appellant had unsuccessfully argued against a ‘totting up’ disqualification. Appeal allowed on an ‘exceptional hardship’ basis where new circumstances were found to exist in his second application within 3 years.


R v H (Chippenham Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this speeding case by a leading road transport solicitor - with expert evidence from laser expert, Dr Michael Clark. Defendant was accused of driving at 115 mph on a motorway. Basis of plea agreed on the day of trial. Licence endorsed with 4 penalty points.


R v D (Court of Appeal Criminal Division)

Death by dangerous driving. Instructed to make a renewed application for leave to appeal against sentence. Application allowed in part as the sentencing judge had purported to impose an extended driving disqualification where there was no power to do so.


R v M and others (Llandrindod Wells Magistrates Court)

Instructed by all four defendants. The main prosecution witness was a Chief Inspector - who described the defendants’ driving as “extremely dangerous.” Charged with contravening a double white line system. At trial, the prosecutor offered no evidence against all defendants.


R v Backhouse and others (York Crown Court / Court of Appeal Criminal Division)


Instructed by all four defendants in a three week trial at York Crown Court. All defendants were found not guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and the alternative dangerous driving charge, but convicted of a separate dangerous driving count. Appeared for all four appellants at the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in the subsequent appeals against sentence. This case is the leading authority on the purposes of disqualification from driving; see Needham [2016] EWCA Crim 455 at paragraph 17.