R v B (Court of Appeal)

Instructed in this high profile appeal case. B pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. B admitted using a laser jammer to avoid getting penalty points on his driving licence. The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal against sentence and substituted a suspended sentence for an immediate custodial sentence.

R v P (Carlisle Magistrates Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. The prosecutor alleged that the defendant drove at a measured 145 mph and “in excess of 150 mph” whilst being followed by a police car over a distance of 25 miles. Full facts admitted. Guilty plea. 56 day disqualification. £120 fine.

R v K (Lewes Crown Court)

Instructed in this causing death by dangerous driving trial. The prosecution alleged that K was racing another vehicle - cars driven at over 100 mph a second apart. The driver of the other car lost control of his vehicle, crashed and sadly, a passenger lost his life. K denied that his driving was more than a minimal cause of death. Not guilty verdict to causing death by dangerous driving but convicted of a far less serious offence after trial.

R v O (Lincoln Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against conviction case. In the lower court, the defendant, of previous good character was convicted of an assault arising from a road rage incident. The defendant’s appeal against conviction was allowed and costs awarded.

R v P (Bradford Crown Court)

Instructed in this perverting the course of justice case. Prosecution alleged that the defendant used a laser jammer device on two separate occasions in two different vehicles - preventing speed checks to be made. Defendant found not guilty of both counts on the indictment after a three day trial.


R v L (Staines Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. At trial before a district judge, the prosecution were put to proof that proceedings were instituted properly by Thames Valley police using the Single Justice Procedure. Prosecutor offered no evidence at half-time and the case was dismissed.


R v F (Leamington Spa Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this speeding and careless driving case. At trial, a police officer testified that the defendant drove his Porsche at 130 mph, drove erratically, tailgated and undertook a vehicle. Case dismissed following a submission of no case to answer.


R v A (Southend Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this case involving seven speeding offences committed within a 29 day period. Six matters were before the court. Licence endorsed with 18 penalty points (21 points in total). Client not disqualified from driving.


R v G (Sheffield Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against sentence case. Client previously disqualified pursuant to the 'totting up' provisions. Appeal allowed as exceptional hardship was found.


R v W (Brighton Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this careless driving case. Client accused of accelerating out of a junction and 'veering' into the path of an oncoming car. Case reported in the national press. Legal submissions made to the prosecuting authority and case discontinued prior to trial.


R v Backhouse (York Crown Court)

Instructed by all four defendants in this three-week trial. All defendants were found 'not guilty' of causing death by dangerous driving and the alternative dangerous driving charge, but convicted of a separate dangerous driving offence. Appeared for all four appellants at the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in the subsequent appeals against sentence. This case is a leading authority on the purposes of disqualification from driving; see Archbold 2019 at 5A-469 and 5A-477 and Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences at 20.19.