How often does the CPS instruct the independent Bar?

Karl Turner MP: To ask the Attorney General, what proportion of criminal cases the Crown Prosecution Service instructed the independent Bar to prosecute in (a) 2010, (b) 2011, (c) 2012, (d) 2013 and (e) 2014.

Robert Buckland MP:

The CPS does not centrally record the number of instructions to advocates from the self-employed Bar. Were it to do so, such data would need to take account of changes to the instructed advocate during the course of proceedings; cases in which more than one advocate is instructed; and cases in which an in-house advocate may be instructed initially but where an advocate from the self-employed Bar was subsequently instructed.

The CPS retains payment data in respect of volume cases in the Crown Court managed under the graduated fee scheme (GFS). This shows the proportion of Crown Court work prosecuted by advocates from the self-employed Bar in value terms as a proportion of GFS value, for the years requested:

- 2010-11 72%

- 2011-12 69%

- 2012-13 70%

- 2013-14 71%

- 2014-15 75% (first 3 quarters only)