Victim Surcharge 2016

An offender fined for any offence must pay a so-called "victim surcharge." Historically, it was £15. In 2012, it increased to £20-£120. The actual amount payable is 10% of the fine, rounded up or down to the nearest pound.

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (Surcharge)(Amendment) Order 2016 provides that from 8th April 2016, the surcharge applicable to fines will be £30-£170. The increased surcharge does not apply where a court deals with a person for a single offence committed before 8th April 2016, nor where there is more than one offence and at least one of those offences was committed before 8th April 2016.

Revenue raised from the Victim Surcharge is used to fund victim services through the Victim and Witness General Fund.

The following schedule applies to adult offenders: