Nürburgring insurance

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is a race track in Germany which opens to the public at times advertised on the Nurburgring website. The Germans call this touristenfahrten - literally meaning tourist driving.  

The General Conditions for driving on the Nordschleife (May 2019) state that racing and speed record attempts are forbidden. Overtaking is on the left and you must keep to the right when not overtaking. The police will investigate collisions and prosecute where blame is found.

Driving the "ideal line" is no defence if you are hit from behind. The Koblenz Higher Regional Court has about 60 decisions which have one major point in common; namely that a driver failed to comply with the General Conditions in circumstances where he was obliged to keep to the right hand side and not allowed to take the "ideal line". As a rule, judges will reduce the total compensation awarded to the "ideal line" driver by 60-75%.